Why to Sell your property with me?

You can also get a huge discount on leasing!

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I provide you full real estate services at a discount commission rate of $7,950 ($3500 to buyer's salesperson, $3500 to Seller's salesperson, $950 to brokerage) for homes under $700,000. Houses over $700,000 are 1%  + $950. With the flexibility to offer even more commission to the buyer's agent, if you want to.  I am a fully licensed sales professionals and a member of their local MLS® real estate board enabling them to properly market your property both on REALTOR.CA and their local MLS® system for maximum exposure to potential Buyers. I provide the same real estate services they would, the only difference is I charge you less, way less. It's the best deal in town, why pay more to sell your home? You will get top services and a huge discount! 

Why to Buy your property with me?

In most cases, the seller usually pays the commission. But what if you can get 1% of that commission back???  Yes!!

I offer a 1%* commission rebate. For example: If you buy a house worth CAD 500,000, you will get CAD 5000 back after the transaction closes!  

Why to lease your property with me?

About me

I am a very educated professional who has a master's in Mechanical Engineering. I also work professionally in the Government of Ontario, a crown corporation. I was in the same boat as all my clients and that's why I decided to be the change and help people by giving top service with a huge discount so that everyone can save their hard-earned equity!